Law Enforcement and Sexual Assault: Time for New Solutions

DNA Databases Aren’t Enough: What About Non-Police Offender Databases?

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One simple answer to this problem is that the sole entity responsible for collecting information on entitled repeat offenders cannot be law enforcement.

While violence often begets violence, and second chances without the involvement of the criminal system seem plausible in various situations, there are some situations where it is undeniably unsuitable. Many repeat offenders are those who commit drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA), and routinely come from a background of whiteness and privilege. How do we protect society from suffering repeat rape offenders while still protecting rape victims from the painful consequences and abuse of reporting when they are only trying to protect others?

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Passionate about reframing the narrative around sexual violence and immigration. Health & Fitness. Runner, Traveler. OG Student. Believer in the Oxford comma.

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