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As much as we try to stick to self-care routines that may incorporate high-energy activities, we all have days where we need to take it down a notch. Whether it be due to illness, stress, trauma, a poor night of sleep, a draining day at work, or any other number of reasons, some days we just need to rest and recover more than we need to produce and create for our own well-being. However, it can be very important to our psyche to still feel that we are doing something for our wellness to avoid a negative downward spiral.

I recently watched a Tiktok video by @danidonovan that explained how she tricked herself into creating a morning routine. It was brilliant, and one key takeaway that resonated with me was that our motivation will vary day by day. For those of us who are recovering from trauma or trying to actively build healthier habits, a lot of high-energy and emotionally draining tasks can be involved in that process. To prevent getting derailed from healthy habits and self-care routines, here is a list of low-energy activities that you can do any day to keep building a positive life routine while also allowing yourself to rest.

For the Mind

Low Energy: Watch a short webinar or a YouTube video that can teach you something you have been meaning to learn about or look up.

Lower Energy: Listen to a guided meditation. Many apps and YouTube channels offer free guided meditations, as short as a single minute long.

For the Body

Low Energy: Go for a short walk. Sometimes even a ten or fifteen minute walk enjoying the outdoors can be a good mood booster

Lower Energy: Stretch for five and sit in child’s pose. If all else fails, take a nap.

For the Soul

Low Energy: Whatever creative means you use to fill your spirit, try looking or listening instead of participating. Too tired to write a song? Listen to music instead. Too tired to design a masterpiece? Bust out a piece of paper and some markers or colored pencils and free draw. Too tired to write? Jot down a few things you are grateful for or make a small list of articles to tackle on another day.

Lower Energy: Light a candle or incense. Sit in the darkness and let yourself rest with some soft music.

Your Best is Constantly Changing

Not every day can be filled with a run, a workout at the gym, cooking a full and healthy meal, working, creating, side hustling, or otherwise checking off each box in the routine that you have created for yourself. So leave time for rest days, or days of relative rest. We need them to keep going. The best we can do will be different on different days and times of the week, month, or year. Instead of being derailed by a day, or a week, or a month of low-energy days, extend yourself compassion and meet yourself where you are at. Do your best to keep going- whatever that best is to keep yourself on a positive track.

If you have low-energy activities that help you with self-care, be sure to share them.

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